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A bright smile defines your beauty. Now, not only face and body, but oral care has also become a crucial part of self-care. People tend to opt for various methods and techniques to achieve a dazzling smile. Some opt for modern innovations and formulations while others choose a natural way to maintain good dental health. 


Among these ways, ayurveda has the power to fight oral problems in a very safe and effective manner. Ayurveda has originated thousands of years ago in India. It is a powerhouse of all the health-related problems. Ayurvedic practices have proven excellent for oral health problems. Natural ingredients like clove neem turmeric can do wonders. 

Modern toothpaste formulations, on the other hand, represent the highest level of scientific innovation. Thanks to their focused strategies and cutting-edge technology, these toothpastes—rich in fluoride and Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS)—perform very well in removing plaque and preventing cavities.

In toothpaste formulations, SLS can also cause oral irritation, including mouth ulcers and canker sores. The foaming action of SLS may disrupt the delicate balance of oral tissues, leading to discomfort for some individuals, especially those prone to oral sensitivity.

Nuskhe by Paras presents its newest line of dental cremes as evidence of the successful fusion of traditional knowledge and modern technology. These cremes have been crafted to balance modern dental technology with Ayurvedic principles. The good news is the dental creme is SLS-free. Rich in natural components and free of harsh chemicals, they provide a combination of safety, efficacy, and a holistic approach, meeting the many demands of people looking for oral health solutions.

In conclusion, we can say that Ayurveda and modern toothpaste complement each other for optimal oral health. Ayurveda offers effective cleaning and kills bacteria with natural ingredients, while modern toothpaste excels in plaque removal and cavity prevention with fluoride. One must use the resources for our healthcare optimally.

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