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Let Your Fragrance Be A Little More Scentsational!

Let Your Fragrance Be A Little More Scentsational!

What converts a simple and dry day into a refreshing and beautiful one? Of course a good fragrance. But we are all struggling somewhere to find our signature perfumes that last longer than any other perfumes/scents.

Changing weather, excessive sweating, pollution & and our busy lifestyles make it even more difficult for a perfume to last according to our wishes. But what if we tell you that we have a solution to it? A fragrance that will last longer in comparison to other perfumes and will energize our souls to an extent where we may find our signature scent finally.

Gladly introducing our “Nuskhe by Paras Moksha solid perfume". Don’t take its name for granted as it honestly contains solid ingredients to set your soul free. With solid scent, solid packaging, solid consistency & eco-friendly nature we are sure you’ll love it and buy it again and again.

Magic makers (Ingredients)

 Floral:- Evokes feelings of happiness, and calmness, and reduces stress. 

Night Blossom:- Exhales an almost palpable sensuality, appealing to women and sometimes men.

✦Cologne:- Cologne makes you feel more hygienic and healthy Musk– has anti-inflammatory, antihistaminic, and cardiovascular activities.

Amber:- Helps relieve anxiety and gives a relaxing feeling.

More exciting features you must know Lasts longer on the skin compared to traditional liquid perfumes. Helps to moisten your skin with its decent consistency. No risk of spilling or leaking. Gives a subtle and intimate scent. Eco-friendly alternative to plastic-packaged perfumes.

Our Moksha Solid Perfumes are also very easy to use. Simply dab a small amount of perfume on the desired area like your wrist, or neck in a circular motion It’ll absorb quickly, leaving your skin feeling moist with a remarkable fragrance. Now no longer worrying about how long your scent will last. Overall our Moksha Solid Perfumes are a single solution to our various problems,

So, Why not give it a shot?

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