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There’s a lot of psycho babble that goes behind the idea of making your lips look pink. Psycologists insist that the best way to know if someone is dying to kiss you, is if their gaze lands on your lips from time to time mid-conversation. No wonder then that for years the beauty industry has thrown up shades and shades of lipsticks and lip balms and scrubs to give you kissable lips!

As a skincare guru, one of the more frequent questions I’m asked is about how I have such pink lips myself! While I do attribute a significantly large part of that to the fact that I don’t smoke and I never have, it’s something I take mild credit for because i’ve used a #ParasKeNuskhe trick that I with you.

While women asked for pink lips doesn’t seem surprising, you will find it interesting to know how this question usually comes from a lot of guys as well. Smokers in particular, who want to undo some of the damage done to their lips.

One of my favorite lip stainers is beetroot. It’s naturally pink. It’s been used as a dye for years. Red velvet, in case you didn’t know, was originally beetroot before we all became used to red velvet flavoured cakes that are now usually just color. Beetroot is an easy, natural way to stain your lips pink and the effects are pretty long lasting once you make this lip scrub at home and refrigerate it, so it’s ready for use 2-3 times a week.


#ParasKeNuskhe for pink lips


1 spoon boiled beetroot (grated to a paste)

2 spoons of granular sugar

1 spoon honey

4-5 crushed mint leaves


This video first went viral on my platforms when I shared this because it’s as easy to make as it is effective. All you need to do is mix the first three ingredients, and make a scrub that has a mildly coarse consistency. The mint leaves, roughly shredded come in handy as something you actually use to scrub your lips.


Beetroot, works like a natural dye. If you want pinker lips, you’ll see results in 2 -3 uses. If you have smoker lips, you’ll see a visible difference. Sugar acts like a scrub and an exfoliator to make sure the outer , often darkened layer is peeled off to reveal pinker lips. Honey, a humectant, not only retains moisture but it also is anti bacterial which means that your lips remain healthier. Mint, the proverbial cherry on this cake , has menthol- the ingredient which leaves a tingling sensation that increases blood flood, thereby making your lips more pink

 I usually make this and store it in the refrigerator for about a week. Scrub at any point for about 3-4 minutes and I usually don’t bother washing it off. The results are pretty amazing. And this tastes delicious.

Alternatively, one of my best selling products from the Nuskhe by Paras series is the Pucchi balm and scrub- A lip facial kit that I formulated to treat your lips to something delicious and effective. It’s amazing how big my signature phrase "Big Pucchi” became so popular.

It inspired me so much that I launched a lip facial kit with the name,Pucchi balm and named my production house Big Pucchi films! But that’s on a personal front!

I hope you enjoy this #ParasKeNuskhe and try this! Feel free to share results of your before and after videos and photos on your platforms using the hashtag #ParasKeNuskhe


Big Pucchi,

Paras Tomar

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