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#ParasKeNuskhe for winters

#ParasKeNuskhe for winters

Winter is coming!!

I know, a GOT reference isn’t even remotely interesting after what they did in the last season, but the fact still remains. Winter IS coming. Which means your skin needs special care, more attention and you’re probably going to be more prone to dryness.

Delightful as winters are, they can also be challenging for the skin. Your skin shows the most signs of aging during winters. It’s under nourished. Wrinkles can start forming faster if you don’t always hydrate and a lot of people can experience discolouration. As a Himachali boy, I’ve watched three generations from my grandmother to my mum to now my nieces and nephews taking special care during the dryer winters. Here’s a simple #ParasKeNuskhe trick that you can make once and refrigerate. One batch will easily last you about  week. Make this your nighttime ritual and you will not only get softer skin, you’ll realise with regular use it will also improve your skin quality and lighten blemishes. Most of all, it’s very cost effective and takes 4 ingredients. I personally recommend putting this in a pump bottle so you don’t go about adding germs to it each time you use it. This particular #ParasKeNuskhe is not just for the face but for the body as well! 

Alternatively, start your mornings with the Nuskhe by Paras Toner followed by the Nuskhe by Paras Anti aging serum, and you're set!

#ParasKeNuskhe for some winter skin care

50 ml Rose water

50 ml Glycerine

50 ml Lemon juice

This proportion lasts me about a week with generous use over the arms, feet and chest. As a gym goer, because a lot of our muscle mass is usually exposed , I recommend using it all over.

Pro tip, winters also make your groin EXTREMELY dry, this is great for down there as well! Whatever quantity you wish to make this in, use a 1:1:1 ratio and you’re good to go. 



Rose water helps hydrate, revitalise and nourish the skin. It’s one of the simplest and the most accessible product when it comes to a beauty regime. It’s got antioxidant properties with rejuvenates skin cells.In the long run, regular use has been known to curb the appearance of fine lines. It honestly should be one of your best friends before you sleep! Glycerine is one of my favorite no-fuss skin care ingredients. It’s available over the counter at any chemist and one bottle lasts me a really long time. Glycerine is also a humectant, which means it retains moisture in your skin. Regular use will keep your skin hydrated longer and lock in some much needed moisture into your skin. It gives your cheeks a natural shine. Dermatologically speaker, it also increases the thickness of your epidermis. And god knows we need that with the current levels of pollution. Lemon is full of vitamin c, which is a highly skin friendly vitamin. It also becomes a natural bleach for your skin . The results of this particular #ParasKeNuskhe is that you’ll sense a change in your skin texture in about 4-5 days of use. I recommend you use this before bed time  and wash off in the morning!

Have fun. Skin care is as much about love as it is about taking care. Small night rituals calm you before bed time and put you in the mood for good slumber. I hope you sleep well, and wake up glowing!


Big Pucchi!


Paras Tomar

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