Nuskhe by Paras Anti-Hair Fall Combo

Nuskhe By Paras

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How to use

Twice a week use the Nuskhe by Paras Anti hair fall oil. Head champi for about 5-6 minutes and let it stay on for 30 minutes before washing

For hair wash, use Nuskhe by Paras Anti hair fall conditioning shampoo. This is a shampoo-conditioner, which means you apply, lather and let it stay in your hair for about 3-4 minutes before washing off.


Recommended usage: Twice a week. You don't need to over wash and over oil your hair!

About the combo:

Hair fall is one of the major issues faced by people. This Nuskhe by Paras Hair fall combo is full of Ayurvedic goodness. Our Ayurvedic hair oil with extracts of Onion and cocoa are great to control hair fall. And the Nuskhe by Paras Shampoo (which will not have too much foam!), is great to stop the damage that is caused by shampoos that are full of chemicals.

Customer Reviews

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Best Shampoo every I have used...

Yaa dude its just amazing combo for who's hair fall is a lot or it is also good for the normal person it will just enhance your hair.. you will see the difference after 1 week that your hair in now more healthy and feels very good.. and one more thing I have used a many shampoo in the market like mama earth and wow shampoo but I really find this Nusske by paras Anti-hair fall shampoo is the best for all I guarantee you, that you will not regret if you buy this combo... and not only me my hole family uses this shampoo my mum, dad, sis all of them are so happy with his one.. lots of love for all products of Studd Muffyn. Big puchi


Nuskhe by Paras Anti-Hair Fall Combo

Good product

I used both sampoo and oil .
More precisely I can say the sampoo worked well for me , I use oil less so can't say much about that but sampoo works well if you have dandruff and ittchy scalp it will help a lot the quantity is bit less but again this product works well.
Big pucchi 😅


Nuskhe by Paras Anti-Hair Fall Combo


Anti-Hair Fall Combo