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Gems Of Gratitude ( Earrings of Pyrite & Black Tourmaline Ring )

Gems Of Gratitude ( Earrings of Pyrite & Black Tourmaline Ring )

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 Pyrite Earring for wealth and abundance

The shape and size of the earring stone can vary ....well, because it's natural, unpolished and uncut. Mostly pyrite is known for its frequency of attracting abundance and wealth. But what if we combine the benefits of fire energy with daily wear fashion?

OH! Studd Muffyn is here with Pyrite Studs. Created with hand-picked Pyrites. A perfect form of a geode that can be worn anywhere and everywhere.

Pyrites are directly connected with Solar Plexus Chakra. They are famous for many reasons one of them is that it is a protective stone that creates a shield against negative energies and spreads positivity.

 Black Tourmaline ring

It is also known as Schorl and is a style of silicate crystal. It is commonly found in trigonal crystal systems and is made up of Sodium Iron Aluminum Borate Silicate. The stone is black. Black Tourmaline means grounding and protection.

Many hold tourmaline healing crystals over the body's chakras to clear the aura, remove blockages, break up negative energy, and point to specific problems that one may be carrying. As a healing crystal, tourmaline helps you understand yourself and others, promotes self-confidence, and lessens fear.

 Pyrite Earring for wealth and abundance.

✨Crack-like lines, fissures, uneven texture or beads and crystals are natural.
✨ If a crystal breaks or snaps in half or in pieces, or sometimes could break while in transport … it does not affect the quality of the crystal. Crystals are naturally brittle and a broken crystal just means now you have more than one piece. Any crystal piece you have is any way broken from a larger chunk.
✨In case your bracelet, pendant, or ring feels like it’s not your size, feel free to transfer them in a new string or to get them re-made with a jeweler. If a bracelet strong breaks at some point, just put the beads in a new string.

 Black Tourmaline ring.

 The shape of these naturally occurring crystals has been shaped to make this pencil pendant keep their natural cuts, and fissures in place. We haven’t excessively polished them so you may have pieces that have natural fissures in them. 

 Crack-like lines, fissures, and uneven texture of the crystals are natural.

NOTE:  The jewels on our website are completely natural and raw because we don't polish the crystals so that they can create a barrier against negative energies and promote pure physical and spiritual healing.

How to use ?

Earrings of Pyrite for Men & Women

Wear these earrings in both your ears.

Black Tourmaline Ring

Wearable on any finger you want.


Earrings of Pyrite for Men & Women

The ring is a money magnet and it's super stylish. For men & women. These naturally occurring crystals have been put on the ring molds keeping their natural cuts, and fissures in place. We haven’t excessively polished them so you may have pieces that have natural fissures in them.

Black Tourmaline (Wearable Pendant with Chain)

The mix of water and minerals tends to fill the cracks in the magma as it cools and hardens into rock.


Earrings of Pyrite for Men & Women

Pyrite attracts money, it’s known to be a money magnet. According to Crystal healing, having this crystal with you attracts wealth and fame. Pyrite has a connection to the solar plexus chakra and is used to increase strength, energy, willpower, and confidence. It's also a wonderful abundance stone, encouraging wealth, prosperity, and success.

Pyrite can help to release negative energy and fears, including fears that may be blocking success. Using it in your everyday life will bring health and wealth to you and your loved ones and keep away negative energies.

Black Tourmaline Ring

It's known to offer protection
It can enhance motivation.
It clears away negative energy.
And lastly, black tourmaline can be helpful for clearing negative energy, whether it be negative thought cycles or patterns or simply offering a general "shield.”

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Gems Of Gratitude ( Earrings of Pyrite & Black Tourmaline Ring )