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How to consume

-Empty Stomach two capsule of the Studd Muffyn Fat burner. Don't eat anything for 30 minutes after

-After any meal, take 2 tablets of Studd Muffyn Multivitamin and 2 tablets of Nuskhe by Paras Testostronger

- For your second dose of the day, Studd Muffyn Fat burner to be consumed with no food for 30 minutes before and after


About the combo

Boys, and this one is specifically for the boys! How about we increase the muscle, decrease the fat and keep our health running at its best? This money saving combo combines the best of all three at a much cheaper price! Use 2 tablets Multivitamin daily combined with one tablet of Testostrong with any one meal. Use two tablets of the Fat burner , 30 minutes before a meal.  And you're done with your daily stack!

Customer Reviews

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vineet dhavaliker

Muscle gain, Fat loss and Health combo

Wasim Shaikh

Didn’t use till now

Gourav Khanna

Muscle gain, Fat loss and Health combo

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