Nuskhe by Paras Neck Bright Whitening Body Scrub

Nuskhe By Paras

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  • The Ultimate Solution For Cleaning Away The Stubborn Darkness, Dirt & Dead Skin On Your Neck & Nape.
  • Loaded With Essential Extracts, Natural Herbs, Vitamin C & Radish, Neck Bright gives your skin an instant glow.
  • Ideal To Use Daily Before Showering.
  • Curated Especially By Paras Whose Nuskhe & Skin Care Secrets Are Used By Top Bollywood Celebrities.

Now that you are using my Nuskhe Waale Products, Your face must be glowing, but why the foster child treatment with the neck?

I’ve seen so many people who keep their faces shining, but the neck is usually dark and has a lot of dead skin on it. I’ve created this Nuskha (and packed a very generous quantity!) to make sure your neck gets the love it deserves. It is holding up your head, after all!

The Walnut Shell extract, Shea butter, and Aloe vera work as a trifecta to make sure they scrub, moisturize and soften your neck. This is perfect before you jump into the shower.

Radish oil, Walnut oil, and flaxseed give it the goodness of essential oils to make sure your neck is exfoliated and moisturized. This will detain and moisturize your skin and clear clogged pores. For all the times you’re going to be necking on a date, I want you to be ready ;)

Love You! Big Pucchi!

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As expected

I would give it a 4star rating so far but i am sure in coming time as i use it more often the results will be much more good, and i would say still in 3 use only i can see immensely beautiful change ❤️ must say this not like any other scrub its way better 😊

Big pucchi

Best Product

Yes it is a beat product.. it does what it's claim.. super happy after using..I am a big fan of this product infact every product of studdmufyn. Recommended to all my friends :)

Very iffactv. Smell is awsome..

I try only 2 time on my nack and nee it's very effactiv.. Rezalt it's good...


awsome product ,awsome.result.


I like to thank Studd Muffyn team that they re deliver my products because at first time because of my mistake I didn’t get my products. I really loved my products they work nicely I see good results. And hope for best in future as well. Thank so much 😁👍