Nuskhe by Paras Anti Acne Face Mist - 100 ml

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Anti- Acne face mist 

Acne and breakouts are always annoying. If it isn't a multiple cluster that's making you feel irritated, on an otherwise good day, that lone pimple can be troublesome. The Nuskhe by Paras Anti acne face Mist is the one solution to a constant pimple problem. With active ingredients that constantly restore the PH of your skin and keep pimple causing bacteria away, regular use will make sure exiting pimples fade and new breakouts are minimised.


Infused with all-natural ingredient

  • Salicylic Acid 
  • Rosemary
  • Licorice 
  • Neem
  • Willow Bark
  • Tea Tree Oil 


  Salicylic acid

Exfoliate the skin and keep pores clear


 Natural skin lightening


                              Reduces the dark spots and redness

Willow Bark Extract

Helps to keep the skin tight and makes the pores appear smaller.

Tea Tree Oil 

Help to prevent acne lesions and also reduce swelling associated with inflammatory acne.



  • Helps treat Acne & Acne Marks.
  • Helps decrease blackheads & whitehead formation.
  • Helps Balance excess sebum secretion. 

Direction of Use

Hold the bottle a few inches away and spray on the face, Allow it to air dry. 

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amrita toshniwal

All products are amazing...

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