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Studd Muffyn

Solid Perfume Combo -Pack of 5

Solid Perfume Combo -Pack of 5

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Get the ultimate combo pack of all Five Studd Muffyn Solid Perfumes . 


||  Yog Nidra || 

Scents & sleep have a deep spiritual connection. With a blend of lavender and a mix of calming scents, Studd Muffyn Yoga Nidra is designed to use ancient Ayurvedic wisdom to put you in a peaceful state of mind. Yoga Nidra , for deep , restful, relaxing sleep.




|| Kamasutra ||

Pure passion, that’s what this scent is. The ancient wisdom of Kamasutra captured in this solid perfume to get you ready for encounters that will be fiery and toe curling.



|| Moksha ||

Mukti, from the usual, the mundane and the everyday. This scent is designed to liberate. To be able to set you free. The scents in Moksha are uppers that make you realise the importance of just loving yourself. Moksha, after all, is the breaking away from a cycle. When you live for you, you attain moksha.



|| Praana ||

Praana is life. Life is for the living and is of beauty, adventure and the longing to Live more everyday. Praana , is the energy activation of your being. To breathe life into you. This scent is designed to make you always feel joy and wonderment and it energises you to do a little bit more.



|| Shvaas ||

Breathe, relax. Breath is the essence of life. Shvaas captures the essence of fulfilment , joy and deep relaxation. The perfect scent to activate energy, give you a boost and a breath of life.
For someone else who is around you, they get a bonus of being able to breathe a lil’ bit of you in.


Instructions for use:

With your finger, take a little of the Studd Muffyn solid perfume and rub it on the pulse points- below your ears and behind the neck and a little on your wrists.
When you hug someone, more in for a close conversation or run your fingers through their hair, they’ll get a whiff of magic from you. You are living the Studd Muffyn Life, after all!

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Deepak Ranjan Maharana
Solid perfume

When ever I login to buy this product is not avaliable. Plz make it avaliable