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 Whether you’re sitting at home or stepping out into the sun, a sunscreen is the best way to prevent aging ! The difference between people who have youthful skin , and those that don’t .. is the use of sunscreen daily ..regardless of whether they are stepping out or not.

Presenting the Studd Muffyn all weather sunscreen with SPF 30 for daily use . 

And for the sunny days : Here comes the sun , & then the sunburn!  Soak in all the vitamin D without worrying about a tan ! Studd Muffyn non -greasy, non-sticky sun screen is your skin’s shield 



  •  It is a lightweight formulation that is non-greasy. No, you don’t have to worry about whitish, chalky skin because it has a non-streaky and non-chalky texture that does not weigh down your skin.
  •   It is infused with high concentration of skin-nourishing natural Ingredients.
  •  Broad spectrum SPF 30 protection against UVA UVB rays and Prevents tanning due to sun
  •  Suitable for all skin types (oily, dry, normal) and leaves the skin Soft, Smooth and Moisturized.
  •  Unique water-based sunscreen lotion - light weight and quick absorbing

Direction of Use

Apply a generous amount of sunscreen 20 minutes 20 before you go outside and again every two hours . The Average -sized adult should apply one teaspoon of sunscreen to all exposed areas .Dot the sunscreen on your forehead, Cheeks, Chin and Nose with your fingertips. Use your fingertips to spread the sunscreen evenly across your face. Re-apply Every 3-4 hours for board -Spectrum Protection. 

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Ainul Huda
Good Product

Good Product

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